Treatments for Heavy Periods

Preparing Your Daughter For A First Visit To The Gynecologist

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Teaching your daughter the importance of regular visits to the gynecologist will prepare her to for a lifetime of routine healthcare. Getting her ready for the first visit will help her to feel more comfortable and at ease at the doctor’s office. Here are a few things you can do to get ready for this important first doctor visit. Have Her Journal Her Cycle One of the first questions a gynecologist may ask before an examination is the date of the last menstrual cycle. Read More»

3 Ways To Naturally Prevent Hot Flashes During Menopause

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While you have the option of heading to a gynecologist–like Darin L Weyhrich–to get medications to reduce menopausal symptoms, you also have some alternative options to try. Here are three of the best natural preventatives that could reduce or eliminate your hot flashes.  Change Your Eating Habits There are a few foods that are known to trigger hot flashes. These include: Spicy foods Alcohol Caffeine Because these things are common in many people’s diets, the best way to reduce the risk of hot flashes is to change your eating habits. Read More»